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Adele Maree Kinesiology Holistic Natural Therapy Neuro Training Balance Wellbeing

adele maree

Adele Maree Kinesiology Holistic Natural Therapy Neuro Training Balance
Adele Maree Kinesiology Holistic Natural Therapy Neuro Training Balance

Neuro Trainer-Kinesiologist-Mentor

Adele Maree Kinesiology Holistic Natural Therapy Neuro Training Balance

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, lost or stuck in life?

Maybe feel you've taken some wrong turns or

choices and cant get back on track?

Or maybe you feel like you've just checked out in life,

not really feeling anything at all.


When these feelings arise its in our human nature

to think there is something wrong with us. 

In my time spent working with hundreds of clients,

its becoming clearer that


people aren't broken,

they just need to be loved


The more pressing question is not

'what's wrong ?'- and rather 'what's happened?'


I have assisted many clients identify and trailblaze through

experiences in life that have held them back,

causing compensations and limitations. 

Moving from judgement to understanding,

and assisting in shifting the focus to

solution orientation. 


During a balance , a sacred space is created one that allows for

the movement of these feelings, to release the old,

reconnect within and continue to move forward in life 

Allow me to offer a supportive and holding hand

to guide you back on track. 

Ill walk beside you during this stage of your journey,

providing personalised tools and support

for self discovery and transformation,

releasing the potential for you to be your authentic self and

follow your unique path in life.  


"Accepting the interconnectedness

of the collective mind, body, soul Adele strives to

facilitate and nurture these energetic connections with clients through mental, physical and emotional recuperation


Qualifications & Experience



Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety 



Diploma in Neuro Training 



Certified and Registered 


Adele is passionate about health and wellness and

through her quality service delivers an

authentic and value-added experience for her clients. 

After 13 years in the health safety and environment industry,

providing consulting and auditing services,

Adele merged her business acumen

with her passion and intuition for health,

entering the wellness industry as a professional in 2014

As well as being Mrs, Mother and Mentor,

Adele is an experienced and registered professional in

the natural therapies industry. 

She thrives being around people who love to learn and

discover more about the mind body connection. 

Adele believes your gift to the world is to be authentically you-

her purpose is to support you in discovering 

who you really are

not who you think you should be.  

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