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Need a balance but live a busy lifestyle?

Find it hard to attend an appointment in person?

Proxy sessions are now available.

Also know as distance healing or a surrogate balance.

With a proxy balance/distance healing session,

you are intentionally sending out information for the balance,

and with permission and via muscle checking

we verify this information, assess what is relevant for you

and your goal or question,

and conduct a balance session for you remotely.

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Whilst balancing without physically attending your appointment may all sound very ‘new age’ - as humans living in communities- we have the natural ability to do this, even if unconsciously, as part of our day to day living


– like when you talk with an upset friend and you may feel their distress, or you just know when your partner is angry and you stay away until the storm passes- this is tuning in to the other persons energy field or frequency.


Feelings can radiate or transmit out of others bodies naturally – either positive or negative vibes-  and when we feel this we are acting as a receiver and sense these energies- either consciously or unconsciously. 


Feelings are an energy, and can be transmitted and received across distances just like radio waves. 




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Prefer to speak to someone

in real time?

Sure we get that which is why

telehealth / video balances

are also an option. 

A balance via video service allows you experience changes in real time and respond with questions from the comfort of your own home. 

Usually conducted via whatsapp however your preference can be accommodated.    

Note that this service requires a booked appointment and specified time, please be ready for your call 

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proxy frequently asked questions

How does a proxy balance work?

Have you ever thought about a person you haven’t heard from in a while,

only to receive a phone call from them shortly after?

Or maybe you haver had a dream about something that later actually happened?

This relates to an awareness or perception of the world that occurs independent of the typical 5 sensory processes. Some philosophers have presented that there may well be 12 senses.

Quantum physics underpinning theory is that everything is energy,

and in essence, we live in an ocean of vibrating frequencies.

With proxy or distance healing one can tune into another ones energy fields

with the compassionate intention to offer guidance and support.

Science has also shown that our intentions can affect others across distance

outside of consciousness (huffpost article 24.3.2009 ref. site study in 2008 examined 36 couples) by tuning into this emotional-etheric energetic field with others

we can connect beyond the limitations of the physical!

Who can benefit?

Proxy sessions are usually well like by people with busy life styles,

who find it difficult to set sufficient time aside for an in person, face-to-face consultation.

Great for interstate and overseas clients who do not live locally and

would love to experience a balance.

When would you use a proxy balance?

  • Those with busy lifestyles who find it diffcult to make it to appointments
  • People who are interstate or overseas and unable to attend a session in person
  • The elderly who may not be able to leave their place of care/residence
  • Anyone suffering with an injury which prevents them being able to move
  • Young children and babies who may not be able to understand or follow instructions for the balance
  • Those with special needs or disabilities
  • For anyone where language barriers could present an issue

What do I need to do for a proxy balance?

Click on the button to book a proxy balance.

The individuals (or guardians) written consent is required for me to conduct the balance.

Surrogation is for duration of the proxy balance only.

Completed by proxy and benefits are taken on by the client.

Screening required: a sample of hair and saliva swob in zip lock bag is helpful but not essential.

In the email request / booking you will also need to provide and make clear the goal and/or issue you would like to work to work on.

How do I get support for my proxy balance?

You may be given homework for the session to assist with the integration of the balance.

Many processes could come up as support such as journalling, excercise, nutritional support, positive mantras, flower essence, homeopathic, vitamin, minerals , affirmations, essential oil.

These will be listed at the end of the session notes under 'Support"

You will still feel the changes which is amazing to experience!

How long does it take?

Turn around time for appointments are within approximately 7 days A balance session time is 60mins and includes a written summary for you.

Will this fix my issue/problem

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

The intention of a balance is to bring understanding and awareness to any perceived problems or issues that may be causing stress in life.

Stress is part of our western way of living- and doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Stress can be a motivator and asset if we work it appropriately.

The main issue with stress is how humans deal with it: we either react or respond.

If stress is perceived as a threat in the psyche the fight/flight/freeze reactions is triggered. This causes many short and long term issues for an individual, including inappropriate coping and compensating strategies and general feeling of stressed in life.

Your being wants to be well, mentally physically and emotionally. Stress symptoms are often your body’s way of alerting us to issues or imbalances, which if not addressed, may inhibit recuperation.

During a balance holistic techniques are used to train and support an individual in switching off all the fight/flight/freeze triggered, bringing the energy systems into balance and training the neurology to respond and adapt in life.

You are responsible for your own recuperation and choices in life. When the body systems feel nutured and supported and the energy is free flowing, your innate ability to recuperate and respond is life is accessible and you can discover the solutions, that are already within you...

How much does a balance cost?

Whether you have found me or been recommended by a friend, chances are that you have been looking to make postive and supportive changes in your wellbeing for some time; investing much time money and resources in trying to get better. After seeking help and advice from many other professionals and therapists to no avail, you may even be sceptical at this point, wondering if you will every achieve the sense of wellbeing you desire to feel. Many clients, and myself included, had felt the same way, unable to find answers or relief through 'traditional' approaches to health. Through these tool and techniques applied in balance sessions, many have since discovered the keys that unlock their recuperation potential and feel an improved sense of wellbeing. Rather than seeing this services as a cost, view it an investment in your mental, physical and emotional health... and as this may also act as a preventative approach to your wellbeing in the long term, it may potentially save you money as well. Please note that appointments are an extended duration to a typical consult and are set at 60 minutes for you to achieve optimal value from your balance. Pricing and appointment availability is kept up to date via the bookings website.