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Love a balance and short on time?  
Can’t get to the clinic in person? 
We've got you covered.  
Learn more about online balance options 
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Need a balance but live a busy lifestyle?

Find it hard to attend an appointment in person?

Proxy sessions are now available.

Also know as distance healing or a surrogate balance.

With a proxy balance/distance healing session,

you are intentionally sending out information for the balance,

and with permission and via muscle checking

we verify this information, assess what is relevant for you

and your goal or question,

and conduct a balance session for you remotely.

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Whilst balancing without physically attending your appointment may all sound very ‘new age’ - as humans living in communities- we have the natural ability to connect energetically, even if unconsciously, as part of our day to day living


– like when you talk with an upset friend and you may feel their distress, or you just know when your partner is angry and you stay away until the storm passes- this is tuning in to the other persons energy field or frequency.


Feelings are an energy, and can be transmitted and received across distances just like radio waves– either positive or negative vibes-  and when we feel this we are acting as a receiver and sense these energies- either consciously or unconsciously. 


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Prefer to speak to someone

in real time?

Sure we get that which is why

telehealth / video balances

are also an option. 

A balance via video service allows you experience changes in real time and respond with questions from the comfort of your own home. 

Usually conducted via whatsapp however your preference can be accommodated.    

Note that this service requires a booked appointment and specified time, please be ready for your call 

FAQ proxy
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  • What is Neuro Training?
    Neuro Training is an innovate, solution orientation therapy. Its purpose is to support the individual in tuning into their authentic self, and a process to reconnect the mind and body with its innate ability to recuperate and heal in an appropriate way. With advances in neuroscience used as a primary reference, Neuro Training has been developed to support individuals in overcoming challenges in life, and changing perceptions of how one views their life experiences. ”Neuroscience research proves that 95% of who you are by the age of 35 years old is a memorized set of behaviours, emotional reactions, unconscious habits, hard-wired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function as a computer program”. Joe Dispenza Most people in fail to achieve what they want in life as they do not realise that these subconscious patterns have taken over. Neuro Training re-trains the individual to become consciously aware of this, aids in the support and development of creating new habits & reconnects one with the ability to respond to life in a supportive way: with conscious choice vs unconscious unsupportive habits. The most significant benefits reported by clients is a new sense of awareness and clarity, or Ah-ha moments. These new feelings open up pathways and space for positive thoughts and emotions to flow. Expression of our values within the self, in one’s family, in society and in life becomes easier. Using many techniques, skills and references from Eastern and Western practices, Neuro Training moves the individual from survival more- ie problem and crisis creation, defensiveness and justifying, reactions and compensations, fear based living, where we feel we have no choice and suppress emotions into Solution Orientation - an ability to adapt and respond in life, embracing life’s challenges and accepting experiences, retraining the neurology in positive expression, focussed on potential and opportunity, emotional healing and an overall wellbeing and quality of life. Being Solution Orientated means becoming aware of limitations, fears, negative motivators, and how not to defend or deny these, but to bring awareness and acceptance of them, and then move beyond and focus on creating solutions.
  • What is Kinesiology?
    Kinesiology is a non invasive fully clothed session that uses the bodys biofeedback (aka 'muscle checking') to vertify where and how your body reacts to stress. Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s well being. Originating in the 1970’s, it combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies the elements which inhibit the body’s natural internal energies and accessing the life enhancing potential within the individual."(Definition approved by the Australian Kinesiology Association 1999.) While kinesiology helps a wide range of health issues you don’t need to be sick to see a kinesiologist. It can help you make positive changes and improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • How does this all work?
    During your highly personalised session, usually lasting 60 minutes, your body and biofeedback is used to check any presenting symptoms and find root causes of issues that may be causing stress. No two people are the same, genetic and inherited traits, life experiences, personality, motivations, resources, limitations and fears- each person is unique. A balance takes all this into consideration to tailor the tools and support used to ensure that its specific and appropriate to your unique path for balance and recuperation. Each session will be different to the last as the ‘onion layers’ of symptoms are revealed and the root causes of stress are balanced to allow an ability to recuperate. The intention set at the start of the balance creates an environment to enable your body’s natural healing intelligence to do its work on mental, physical, energetic and emotional levels. We go deep into the layers that make up the unique complex & amazing individual you are and connect with your subconscious to clear any old patterns, fears and behaviours that can be holding you back. Stress, traumas, unresolved grief, allergies, blood sugar/pressure levels, other health issues are all conditions that limit our health, and use up valuable energy in our daily lives as we try ‘cope’ with them. As you clear stress these limitations can be released and energy is then reclaimed for assisting the body recuperate instead of just coping in the body. The balance techniques have the ability to support you feeling better, however pain and stress has often been with us for many years, and whilst clients often feel better straight away, one treatment to overcome years (maybe decades) of stress may not be a realistic. As the process involves retraining the neurology, follow up balances are recommended
  • What is stress?
    Anything that has a negative effect on the body can be identified as stress - it indicates that there may be an imbalance somewhere in the body: physical, emotional, mental or energetic affecting the health of the whole self. Stress can be manifested by our bodys either physically, mentally , emotionally and/or energetically. Some examples of stress symptoms are: Mental Stress Management- Anxiety and Depression Learning difficulties Addictive behaviours Physical Injuries & Illness Fatigue & Lethargy Hormone and Endocrine System Imbalances Nutritional deficiencies Mental Health Bed wetting and Bladder issues Allergic reactions, sensitivities and intolerances Weight management Digestive and Gut Health Reproductive issues – fertility, PMS, menopause Emotional Fears/habits/belief systems Loss of self Behavioural problems Relationship challenges and development
  • What are the benefits of a balance?
    After your balance a reduction of stress and symptoms in the body (mental physcial and/or emotional) may be experienced. Other benefits and side effects may include Re-connection with authentic self Confidence & self worth and self care Clarity and awareness Releasing old fear/habit/belief systems Relief from anxiety or feeling of calm Balance in energy and vitality Strengthened mind-body connection Support with stress & anxiety An improved sense of peace and joy Adapt and respond in life with choice More restful and deeper sleep Reduced appetites for sugars More relaxed breathing Positive self-expression in life Improvements in mobility Improved posture Disconnect from genetic karma Personal Potential, Life enhancement, General wellbeing ….. and much more
  • How is stress released?
    If you're seeking out this kind of therapy it is likely that there is an imbalance somewhere in your being -mental, physical, energetic or emotional. Signs of imbalances may be manifested by the body as 'symptoms' such as stress/pain or other. By using muscle checking (biofeedback) we aim to - verify issues causing stress - identify the root cause of the stress - apply a range of holistic techniques to release symptoms of stress - restore mind body balance - reconnect you with your innate ability to recuperate
  • Im already seeing a doctor, medical specialist or other therapist..."
    Techniques applied in a balance are complimentary, so this style of therapy works alongside many other Natural Therapies as well as Western Allopathic medicine in order to best support your recuperation. Please note that if you are on a current Mental Health Plan written consent by your GP or Therapist to attend a balance is required.
  • But I dont think I have any stress or issues-  is there any reason for me to have a balance?
    How fantastic to feel this way! You may have had treatment or therapy in the past to support you getting to this point -well done! Or maybe you have been fortunate to be in a supportive environment with minimal stress which is also great. Whatever your situation, the Neuro Training component of this therapy is directed at solution orientation and self awareness. If you don't feel you have any negative issues to work on, we can move into the positive and set up pathways for personal empowerment and lasting changes with Self awareness and authenticity Communication skills Performance enhancement (i.e. sport, work) Establishing and achieving goals Support for Study and Exam preparation Improved relationships Long term recuperation Positive support for others
  • Can Kinesiology help children?
    Yes! Children are very receptive to this type of therapy and tend to feel the positive effects of their balance sooner and they tend to last for longer. Children seem to have an ability to adapt quickly to the changes and recuperate much faster than adults. Many benefits are reported by parents of children who have received a balance - the most significant are of improved confidence at school and overall feelings of calm and settled. The intitial consult/session is booked with the parent/guardian only; following this an appointment is then booked for the child.
  • Is it safe?
    The techniques applies in a balance are very gentle and safe, and the use of muscle checking is an added way in which we can check that the techniques used are appropriate and safe. A balance moves at the pace the client is comfortable with. Significant changes may be felt from time to time in the balance as the techniques used may release suppressed emotions. Whilst these may feel uncomfortable or surprising at the time, most clients report positive changes in energy after the release, with feelings of lightness and a general increase in positive attitudes within a short time during or after the balance being felt.
  • Is it OK to see a kinesiologist if I am pregnant?
    Yes! Kinesiology is very beneficial pre, post, and during pregnancy. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant please ensure to advise of this, so any aspects of the balance can be modified to ensure you are as comfotbale as possible. If you are unable to lie on the treatment table you may remain seated during the session.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    The brain is like a muscle and the process requires regular balances to form a positive mental foundation, and optimise the brains ability to break through limitations and past conditioning. The number of sessions required to attain this will vary for each person based on individual factors such as pre-exisitng beliefs and habits, the amount of energy available, length of time the stress has existed, personal mindset, genetics, experiences, ability to recuperate, levels of stress etc. Neuro Training and mentoring aspects of a balance work on creating new habits and beliefs - and studies show that it takes up to 3 months to break the old and form the new. This type of therapy is not a quick fix, its intention is for long term recuperation. Think of it like a learning to ride a bike as a child or perhaps dirivng a car, at first there is a lot to take in and coordinate, but after time and practice it becomes easier until you no longer think about how to ride a bike or drive a car, you just do it. As a general guide 6 sessions within 3 months is recommended as this provides consistent support for you to establish and strengthen new neural pathways created during balances for changes in recuperation and positive self-expression. Once you’ve experience the healing benefits of Kinesiology you may wish keep on top of your health and wellbeing by having regular treatments, maintenance sessions can help prevent future stress and illness and allow you to keep on top of your emotion health. Clients generally choose their own maintenance schedule after the first 3 months.
  • How long will my appointment take?
    In order to optimise your experience of a kinesiology neuro-training balance, an initial consult involves a discussion of your health/medical history as well as identification of key areas of stress to work with. Please allow 60 minutes for your appointment. Dress comfortably as it’s a fully clothed session. You are also welcome to bring any x-rays, scans, test results, medications or supplements being taken. As with most health consults please arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment in order to fill out the clinic paperwork and sign any general consent forms. You will also be asked to complete a brief ‘kinesiology goals & focus form’ which is an important part of the balance. The process of writing down answers to these prompted questions assists you in consciously connecting with your stress.
  • What happens if I need to cancel?
    If you need to cancel or change your appointment time please contact me at your earliest convinence. At least 24 hours notification for cancellation or reschedule is requested. Less than 24 hours' notice may incur a fee.
  • What is a proxy session?
    Please refer to the services page and click on links to proxy sessions
  • What is the Wellness Triangle- Body Mind Soul?
    Mind- Body- Soul: While we are very receptive and open to the need to address our physical health, we aren’t always aware of the need to, or don’t know how to, balance mental and emotional stress that can often be underlying or connected with these physical symptoms. The hidden emotions or mental issues behind stress can be huge pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life that, if we can access, can assist in reclaiming body-mind-soul wellness. During a balance we consider the whole being- not just the part. A balance starts with an intention to identify the root cause of a stress/issue, (we don’t balance a symptom) then balance by releasing suppressions/fears/habits/beliefs related to the stress using solution orientated neuro-training & other eastern and western holistic techniques. The aim is to reduce mental and emotional stress levels to allow for recuperation from physical symptoms lower tension levels in the body increase in energy restore mind-body balance opportunities to tap into individual potential enhance connection with self heal and reclaim a quality of life. This allows the body mind and soul to reconnect and energy to flow as one.
  • What are Symptoms?
    Stresses prevent energy from flowing easliy throughout our being, and these blocks in enrergy may manifest as physical symptoms in the body such as: Low-energy and fatigue Sleep issues/ insomnia Depression Greif or Trauma Emotional and Relationship Issues Low self esteem Digestive or Nutritional problems Food sensitivity, Allergies & Skin irritations Auto-immune conditions Addictions Hormonal including PCOS menopause & PMS Headaches/migraines Lymphatic and immune issues Weight issues Learning difficulties Confusion and decision making The body wants to be well and such symtpoms and stress showing are the body's way of communicating with us that something is out of balance.
  • Can you diagnose conditions?
    Kinesiology and Neuro Training are not used for diagnostic purposes. Please consult your GP if you are requiring this type of advice. Kinesiologists do not diagnose or treat named diseases, they look beyond the symptoms, and aim to tap into energies that other modalities may not assess. In a balance conditions or the like are not the focus as these can be limiting. Using the wellness traingle of health, imbalances in the whole being are investigated - mental physical and emotional. A kinesiologist recognizes that there are flows of energy within the body that relate not only to the muscles but to every tissue and organ that go to make the body a living, feeling being. Energy balancing can bring a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice, whether in sport, relationships, learning or coping with life in general
  • What do you mean by recuperation?
    This approach to wellness its not a quick fix... it’s a permanent fix. All recuperation and healing comes from within you. The intention verified and set at the start of the balance creates a space for you to enable your body’s natural healing intelligence to do its work on mental, physical, energetic and emotional levels. Going deep into the layers that make up the unique complex & amazing individual you are, a balance re- connects you with your subconscious to release any old patterns, fears and behaviours that can be holding you back. Stress, as mentioned in the other FAQ may cause conditions that limit our health, that block our flow of energy and use up valuable resources in our daily lives as we try ‘cope’ in life. In a balance, as an awareness of the the stress is intorduced, blocks in energy may be released and then reclaimed and redirected to assist the body respond in life, repair & recuperate instead of compensating. The Principles of Recuperation theory is that the process takes place in the following order:  Above/Down – feeling better mentally first  Within/Out- reuperate from a more important organ to a less important organ  Reverse Order- symptoms release in reverse order – ie the last symptom to show goes first and then the first symptom that appeared goes last THe body knows how to be well. At times it may need support or reminding of how to do this which is how a balance may offer that support.
  • Will this fix my problem/issue
    “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” The intention of a balance is to bring understanding and awareness to any perceived problems or issues that may be causing stress in life. Stress is part of our western way of living- and doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Stress can be a motivator and asset if we work it appropriately. The main issue with stress is how humans deal with it: we either react or respond. If stress is perceived as a threat in the psyche the fight/flight/freeze reactions is triggered. This causes many short and long term issues for an individual, including inappropriate coping and compensating strategies and general feeling of stressed in life. Your being wants to be well, mentally physically and emotionally. Stress symptoms are often your body’s way of alerting us to issues or imbalances, which if not addressed, may inhibit recuperation. During a balance holistic techniques are used to train and support an individual in switching off all the fight/flight/freeze triggered, bringing the energy systems into balance and training the neurology to respond and adapt in life. You are responsible for your own recuperation and choices in life . When the body systems feel nutured and supported and the energy is free flowing, your innate ability to recuperate and respond is life is accessible and you can discover the solutions, that are already within you...
  • How much does a balance cost?
    Whether you have found me or been recommended by a friend, chances are that you have been looking to make postive and supportive changes in your wellbeing for some time; investing much time money and resources in trying to get better. After seeking help and advice from many other professionals and therapists to no avail, you may even be sceptical at this point, wondering if you will every achieve the sense of wellbeing you desire to feel. Many clients, and myself included, had felt the same way, unable to find answers or relief through 'traditional' approaches to health. Through these tool and techniques applied in balance sessions, many have since discovered the keys that unlock their recuperation potential and feel an improved sense of wellbeing. Rather than seeing this services as a cost, view it an investment in your mental, physical and emotional health... and as this may also act as a preventative approach to your wellbeing in the long term, it may potentially save you money as well. Please note that appointments are an extended duration to a typical consult and are set at 60 minutes for you to achieve optimal value from your balance. Pricing and appointment availability is kept up to date via the bookings website. Click on any ‘book a balance’ buttons to be redirected to the bookings website
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